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When HC-One approached Contour Showers over the sole supply of bathroom showering equipment and fittings to them, we embraced the opportunity to work with the third largest care provider in the UK. 
With over 200 care homes offering specialist care for older people, including people living with dementia, HC-One needed a completely dependable and cost effective showering and bathing solution provider, catering for their entire needs for both refurbishment and on-going repairs and maintenance. They were also eager to partner with Contour Showers so that we could support their current requirements and work with them to respond to their evolving needs over time.
Working closely with the HC-One team, our expertise indentified a suite of products that addressed their core and ancillary requirements. This involved paying particular attention to their precise requirements determined by HC-One’s detailed understanding of residents’ and staff specific needs. 
Contour’s extensive range of showering and bathing solutions, track record of quality coupled with its ability to respond quickly due to its two UK manufacturing facilities supported the proposition. Contour’s extensive sector knowledge also enabled optimal solutions to be developed with HC-One that focused on their specific individual requirements.
Paul Tennick, Lead Procurement Manager for HC-One explained: “We are delighted to have partnered with Contour Showers for our supply of bathroom showering equipment and fittings. They are an extremely customer orientated company, who responded to our specific requirements enabling us to combine their technical skills and expertise with our knowledge and understanding of residents’ needs to deliver the kindest care. They see themselves as not just a supplier but as part of the team focused on delivering the best outcome for residents which is why we are delighted to be working with them.”




In 2004 Sarah Johnson was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. Although Sarah is able to walk using crutches, she had to give up her hairdressing career which she loved, and now works in the local college as an education support assistant.

To take a bath Sarah was using a bath board which sat on the top edges of her bath. She had to begin by transferring her self onto the bath board while at the same time lifting her legs over the bath's edge so that she was in a seated position. Sarah found this very tiring and it was something she only managed to do with great difficulty due to her limited mobility. 

But, the physical exertions didn't end there! Simple tasks like reaching out for the shower controls, shampoo or shower gel were a real effort and it made Sarah question whether she could subject her self to this ordeal on a daily basis.

The Tern has been a revelation. Sarah can now shower in confidence and complete safety. She has retained her independence within her own home and feels completely safe when showering which now takes a fraction of the time it used to!

Previously, the prospect of having to physically clamber up onto the bath and strain to reach the toiletries was sometimes enough for Sarah to think twice about whether she needed to use the bath and maintain the basic personal hygiene that we would normally take for granted.

The Tern shower tray has had an enormous positive impact on Sarah's life. Sarah still has the day-to-day challenges of living with MS, but, it's nice for her to not have to think or worry about the simple task of showering. Self-care is an integral part of Sarah's daily life and now she is showering when she wants, and, thanks to the time it saves her, enjoying the odd lie in too!

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