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Body Dryer

Product Description

  • Easily dry the users body properly with minimum effort. 
  • Body Dryers warm pressurised air eliminates any rubbing or chaffing of the skin. 
  • Easily operated control either by the push button located on the unit or via a remote air operated bellows. 
  • Average air outlet temperature 20˚C/68˚F.
  • A Body Dryer is suitable for corner installation in the shower or over a bathtub. 
  • Regular use helps reduce limescale build up and mould growth in the shower area. 
  • When used with the Tern rotating, level access shower tray, a Body Dryer puts the user in complete control of their showering routine.

 Body Dryer Details 

 Body Dryer Fitting Instructions 

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Body Dryer

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