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Product Description

  • Instantaneous 8.5kW electric shower drawing water direct from the mains supply; ideal for installations without stored hot water and second bathrooms.
  • BEAB Care & RNIB endorsed to take into account the needs for elderly people and people with disabilities.
  • HIGHEST SAFETY. Maximum temperature setting & auto shut off to prevent scalding.
  • Factory settings can be adjusted at installation to suit the user requirements.
  • EASE OF USE. Soft touch button, LED readout; audible bleeps (can be deactivated), lever dial & contrasting finish.
  • Unique warm up mode highlights when the shower has reached the selected temperature.
  • SIMPLE COMMISSIONING. Flexible fit with multiple water and cable entry points, digital fault code display and simple commissioning means a fast, fuss-free, new or replacement installation.
  • INCLUSIVE DESIGN. Designed for all family member usage.
  • Consistent showering temperature is provided. The temperature stabilising device compensates for changes in the water pressure caused by other household fittings.
  • Safety devices include thermal cut out & pressure relief.
  • 3 Power settings. (Cold, Warm/Eco &Hot) and a separate temperature control.
  • On/Off is operated by soft touch Push Button, ensuring temperature setting remains unaffected after each use.
  • Safety warning letters in a display panel indicate low pressure and therefore the shower should be turned off until pressure resumes.
  • Phased shut down feature ensures all hot water is flushed out of the shower after use prolonging the shower life. This ensures lime scale build up is kept to a minimum.
  • Push fit swivel inlet elbow pipe connection, enabling plumbing from 5 different directions.
  • Supplied with an adjustable riser kit and 3 mode rub-clean handset. The riser has a built in soap tray & integral hose retainer.
  • Adjustable 1 metre riser rail comes complete with adjustable top/bottom brackets, ideal to cover existing riser holes and tile joints.
  • Incorporates a temperature control device (TCD) that activates when the temperature is too high & the water inside the heater gets too hot. The TCD will switch off the power to the heating elements and once the unit cools down to a safe temperature, will come on again.
  • ThermoSafe™ Technology: Regulates the output water to minimise high/dangerous output temperatures for a safer showering experience.
  • 5 year guarantee.


 Bristan Joy Care Electric Shower Details 

 Bristan Joy Care Electric Shower Instructions 

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Bristan Joy Care 8.5 Kw

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Product Description:
8.5kW, Thermostatic, 15mm push swivel fit, Min working pressure: 0.5 bar, Max working pressure: 10 bar,

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