New Anti-Slip surface for Falcon shower tray

Sep 24, 2018


The only easy access shower tray with the highest slip resistance properties



Further product development has seen our Falcon range of 40mm, low level shower trays independently tested & awarded the highest achievable anti-slip classification.



DIN 51097:1992 testing of floor coverings - Determination of Anti-slip properties - Wet loaded barefoot areas - Walking method - Ramp test. 

 The angle of inclination is determined on a floor covering which is subjected to a continuous stream of water containing a wetting agent. The angle of inclination is used to assess the anti-slip properties under barefoot conditions. 



The Mean angle of inclination was >24° before the test was stopped due to operator safety considerations. 

The Non Slip Pattern test concluded that the Falcon shower tray surface is classed as a Quality Group 'C', the highest achievable classification available, and is the only easy access shower tray available classed in Group 'C' which also has Biomaster antibacterial product protection. 

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