Price Increase Notification May 2019

Apr 16, 2019



Just a quick notification about an imminent price increase.
As you are aware Contour Showers are keen to provide the best value for money showering solutions, preferring where possible to absorb cost increases that we have incurred by improving internal efficiencies.

Unfortunately, we have been informed by our suppliers that Curtains will increase by between 5%, Body Dryer will increase by 8% & Wetroom Tanking Membrane Kits will increase by 3.25%. Regrettably, we are unable to absorb these increases and so have been forced to increase our sales prices with effect from  WEDNESDAY 1st MAY 2019.

Therefore with effect from WEDNESDAY 1st MAY 2019 the list price will be increased as follows:

Part Number Description  New Price ex VAT
Shower Curtains    
01SS-1010 1000x1000mm Satin Striped 28.40
01SS-1814 1800x1400mm Satin Striped  33.60
01SS-1818 1800x1800mm Satin Striped 35.70
01SS-1820 1800x2000mm Satin Striped  38.90
01SS-2022 2000x2200mm Satin Striped  45.20
01SS-2121 2130x2130mm Satin Striped  45.20
01SS-2518 2500x1800mm Satin Striped  53.60
01SS-2520 2500x2000mm Satin Striped  55.70
01SW-1010 1000x1000mm Plain White Contract  23.10
01SW-1814 1800x1400mm Plain White Contract  27.30
01SW-1818 1800x1800mm Plain White Contract  29.40
01SW-1820 1800x2000mm Plain White Contract 31.50
01SW-2022 2000x2200mm Plain White Contract  38.90
01SW-2121 2130x2130mm Plain White Contract 38.90
01SW-2518 2500x1800mm Plain White Contract 47.30
01SW-2520 2500x2000mm Plain White Contract  47.30
01SS-1814AB 1800x1400, 4oz, Satin Stripe - ANTI BAC 34.70
01SS-1818AB 1800x1800, 4oz, Satin Stripe - ANTI BAC 36.80
01SS-1820AB 1800x2000, 4oz, Satin Stripe - ANTI BAC 41.00
01SS-2121AB 2130x2130, 4oz, Satin Stripe - ANTI BAC 47.30
01SS-25120AB 2500x2000, 4oz, Satin Stripe - ANTI BAC 57.80
01SW-1820AB 1800x2000 - Contract White - ANTI BAC 32.60
01SW-2121AB 2130x2130 - Contract White - ANTI BAC 41.00
01SW-2520AB 2500x2000 - Contract White - ANTI BAC 49.40
01CC01 Captive Curtain System supplied with unit 20.00
01CC02 Captive Curtain System supplied separately 28.40
Body Dryer    
04BD-01 Body Dryer 732.20
Wetroom Tanking Membrane  
15WTK-05 5m Sq Wetroom Tanking Kit 140.60
15WTK-10 10m Sq Wetroom Tanking Kit 229.50

In the meantime, you can be assured we will continue to work with our other suppliers to try to hold off any other factored product price increases for as long as possible.If you require clarification of the price increase or if we can assist in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact your Area Sales Manager direct or our Customer Service Department on 01606 592586.

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