Price Increase Notification February 2021

Jan 4, 2021

Just a quick post to inform you about an imminent price increase. As you are aware Contour Showers are keen to provide the best value for money showering solutions, preferring where possible to absorb cost increases that we have incurred by improving internal efficiencies.

Unfortunately, we are unable to absorb a recent supplier increase and so have been forced to increase our sales prices with effect from 1st FEBRUARY 2021.

Therefore, with effect from 1st FEBRUARY 2021 the list prices will be increased as follows:

Part Number Description New Price ex VAT
05WP10 Whale Automatic Tray Kit  £399.00
05WP10-11 Whale Automatic Wetfloor Kit  £448.50
05WP10-06 Whale Instant Match Kit  £448.10
05WP10-12 SDP303T Instant Match Premium Kit £634.00
05WP10-53 Venturi Flowswitch  £82.20
05WP10-04 Standard Flowswitch  £43.70
05WP10-03 Mixer Valve Flowswitch  £55.20
05WP10-50 Diaphragm Kit £26.90
05WP10-60 Whale Dry Dek 20 Kit £773.30
07SS40 Ropox Shower Seat with Single Leg £483.30
03HAW-R80S Ropox Straight Hinged Arm Support  £122.10
03HAW-R135S Ropox Straight Hinged Arm Support with Leg  £152.60
03HAW-R80W Ropox Wave Hinged Arm Support  £142.50
03HAW-R135W Ropox Wave Hinged Arm Support with Leg  £167.90
15GU40 Standing / Sitting Attachment  £25.40
15TRW-R Toilet Roll Holder  £25.40
04SB-R25023 1460mm Height Adjustable Changing Bench  £3,317.10
04SB-R25034 1460mm Side Rail for Changing Bench  £529.10
04SB-R25026 1780mm Height Adjustable Changing Bench  £3,490.00
04SB-R25036 1780mm Side Rail for Changing Bench  £529.10
04SB-R25029 2100mm Height Adjustable Changing Bench  £3,713.90
04SB-R25035 2100mm Side Rail for Changing Bench  £529.10
04SB-R25038 End Guard for Changing Bench  £122.10
04WB-R41110 Swing Wash Basin, Short Cover  £1,739.90
04WB-R41120 Swing Wash Basin, Long Cover  £1,739.90
04WB-R41130 Adjustable Swing Wash Basin, Short Cover  £2,208.00
04WB-R41140 Adjustable Swing Wash Basin, Long Cover  £2,208.00
04WB-RH01 Flexaxle for Adjustable Swing Wash Basin £63.10
CS40-14157 Ropox Height Adjustable Bathtub - 1700x750mm  £4,538.10
CS40-14158 Ropox Height Adjustable Bathtub - 1800x800mm  £4,538.10


In the meantime, you can be assured we will continue to work with our other suppliers to try and hold off any other factored product price increases for as long as possible. If you require clarification of the price increase or if we can assist in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact your Area Sales Manager direct or our Customer Service Department on 01606 592586.

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