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Antibacterial Curtains & Curtain Rails

NEW antibacterial shower curtains inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi to eliminate unpleasant smells & textile staining. 

shower curtain will help retain oversprayed water with the easy access shower area. All half height shower doors are supplied as standard with a 4oz stain striped, shower curtain.

A variety of Curtain rails available to suit any practical easy access shower area whether in a room corner, between three walls or if there is an obstruction, for example a window.

  • New antibacterial shower curtains inhibit the growth of bacteria & fungi eliminating unpleasant smells & textile staining. 4oz satin striped or plain white contract options available.
  • Straight curtian rail, L shaped curtain rails or U shaped for when there is an obstruction in the shower area.
  • Captive shower curtain system eliminates preventable water leaks via the shower curtain. Use with a Satin striped shower curtain or plain white shower curtain.
  • Use as an alternative to a ‘U’ shaped curtain rail when a window encroaches into the showering area.

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