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Eagle TWO Level Access Shower Trays

Eagle TWO level access, bath replacement shower trays can be cut to length to fit a space once occupied by a bath. Set flush into the bathroom floor when fitted and with no height difference between the tray edge and the bathroom floor, Eagle TWO shower trays provides an unrestricted walk in shower solution for people with restricted mobility or wheelchair users who require a bathroom adaptation with no steps or ramps for the user to negotiate.

Exclusively incorporating TRUESEAL2 floor edge profile which allows vinyl safety flooring to be hot seam welded directly to the Swift shower tray, creating a perfect watertight joint.

Eagle TWO level access shower trays have been tested to withstand 42 Stone / 270kg across the entire surface area to simulate a standing person.



  • An Eagle TWO bath replacement shower tray is the perfect showering solution where a bathtub is no longer practical for users with mobility difficulties or requiring wheelchair access.

  • The Eagle TWO level access shower tray has an antislip surface for an assured underfoot grip. Complies with DIN51097 Barefoot Slip Test.

  • Hot seam weld the vinyl sheet flooring directly onto the Eagle TWO easy access shower tray’s unique TRUESEAL2 floor edge profile, creating a perfect watertight join.

  • Requires the removal of ~14mm of flooring, the equivalent of a floorboard, (apart from the trap area where additional space is required).

  • An Eagle TWO level access shower tray, half height shower screens and any ancillary equipment can be installed during one site visit, leaving the flooring to be fitted afterwards.

  • 14mm tiling lip is watertight and will accommodate wallboards or wall tiles.

  • With three tiling lips and a central waste position. Either end of the Eagle TWO level access shower tray can be cut to determine the trays hand for easier installation.

  • Cut to length from original length of 1850mm to fit exactly into the space left by a bath. End plate supplied to conceal the cut end when installed between three walls.

  • Can be used with floor tiles by omitting TRUESEAL2, please state when ordering.

  • Supplied with McAlpine ST90CPB-P-53 gravity waste, flow rate up to 24 l/m. 

  • Eagle TWO level access shower trays are manufactured using reinforced glass fibre GRP construction to form a strong and consistent shower tray.

  • Lifetime guarantee.

  • Trays not handed.



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Product Description:
Eagle TWO level access, bath replacement tray. Max load: 270kg (42 stone). Trueseal floor edge profile. Requires floor removal of ~14mm. Cut to length. Lifetime guarantee. Not handed.

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1850mm x 745mm.
1850mm x 845mm.

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