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P12 Shower Waste Pump

Shower waste pumps remove waste water from the shower area when gravity drainage is unachievable. The Contour Showers P12 Shower Waste Pump is an impressive peristaltic pump which silently removes waste water from an easy access shower tray or wet room. 

Not only is Contour P12 shower drain pump extremely quiet and maintenance free, the shower pump has a variable speed function allowing you to set the pumps speed to match the flow of the shower, making the P12 shower waste pump more efficient as well as quieter than any other shower waste pump available.



  • Shower drain pump near silent when operating. 

  • Reliable peristaltic pump design. 

  • Waste water travels through a sealed tube reducing the risk of blockage.

  • Variable speed transformer allows precise control of the silent shower pump speed to match the shower flow rate. 

  • Standard P12 shower pump kits include 1 x flowswitch for electric shower installations. 'Link' P12 shower pump kits have no flowswitch & are to be wired directly to a suitable shower.

  • Silently pumps up to 12 litres per minute.

  • To achieve optimum shower pump performance of 12 litres per minute we recommend the shower pump be installed no higher than 350mm from the top of the shower waste outlet to the underside of the wall plate.

  • P12 shower waste pump can be installed up to a maximum height of 500mm to the underside of the wall plate, but this will reduce the pumps overall performance.



  • MAINTENANCE FREE design comes with a 7 YEAR WARRANTY.

  • Low running costs due to the 24v DC efficient low energy motor.

  • Wall plate with quick release shower pump bracket.

  • Suitable for electric and mixer showers. *(Additional flow switch required for mixer shower installations).

  • Link the silent P12 shower waste pump directly to a Redring Selectronic Premier WP, Mira Advance ATL Flex Extra or Triton Omnicare shower eliminating the need for a flow switch, see ‘Link’ options.

  • Complete with 3 metre length of 22mm flexible pipe for improved performance.

  • Not handed for easy & quick installation.



LINK KITS - For connection directly to a link enabled shower eliminating the need for a flow switch.

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Contour Showers Limited, Siddorn Street, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 2BA
Tel: 01606 592586
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Product Description:

P12 shower waste pump, peristaltic pump design, variable speed transformer, pumps up to 12 litres per minute, 24v DC efficient low energy motor, Wall plate with quick release shower bracket, suitable for electric and mixer showers. *(Additional flow switch required for mixer shower installations), can be link directly to a suitable electric shower, 3 metre length of 22mm flexible outlet pipe. 7 Year Warranty.

Product Codes: (delete as appropriate)
05PP01: Pump only
05PP01-L: Link Pump Only
05PP01A: Standard Kit A
05PP01A-L: Link Kit A
05PP01B: Standard Kit B
05PP01B-L: Link Kit A
05PP01D: Standard Kit D
05PP01D-L: Link Kit D
05PP11: Additional Flowswitch
05PP16: Control Box Cover
05PP17: Flow Switch Cover

arrowSizes Available

P12 Shower Waste Pump Only: Width: 205mm, Height: 270mm, Depth: 180mm

P12 Shower Waste Pump Housing Dimensions - Width: 210mm, Height: 330mm, Depth: 190mm 

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